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In 2006 Learn Quebec was created to provide a variety of resources to any English-language students (Kindergarten through to Adult) throughout the province. Learn Quebec evolved from a collaborative distance learning programme and retains an emphasis on math and science.

Its website is http://learnquebec.ca/en/index.html

Further information

The resources include asynchronous course content tutorials across the curriculum, live tutors available four evenings each week, ICT curriculum support and online professional development for teachers (including a focus on advice and support for teaching with ICT). The core of the curriculum resources offered appears to be for Secondary students (and then Elementary students).

The synchronous distance education programme uses "...a multi-point synchronous VOIP system with white board applications" and the open source SAKAI as a learning management system. iNACOL 2010 observed

"Because of the platform’s ability with low bandwidth, it is ideal for the restrictive connectivity issues encountered by many of the receiver schools."

Learn Quebec reported approximately 300 students enroled in their synchronous distance education programme for 2009- 10 (although they have over 4,000 students who use their asynchronous tutorials).



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