Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

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The Johannes Kepler Universität (Linz) (Johannes Kepler University (Linz), JKU) supports e-learning. JKU, named after astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler, was founded in 1966 and is one of the youngest institutions of HE in Austria.

It seems to be merged from several HEIs including the State University of Linz, of which the Law Faculty of the State University of Linz (Institut für multimediale Linzer Rechtsstudien, Linzer Rechtsstudien) is a full virtual campus through e-learning.

The institution has a single campus in Linz, Austria (approximately 350,000 square metres). Source: Study Abroad Brochure (PDF - EN)

The university has approximately 12,000 students. Source: Study Abroad Brochure (PDF - EN)

Wireless Internet technology is available throughout the campus allowing students continual internet access as there is a diverse set of study support services which you can also visit through their e-learning portal with services or systems such as:

The Johannes Kepler Universität web site is at

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