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Independent Study in Idaho

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The Independent Study in Idaho (ISI) group supports distance and online learning in the state of Idaho, US. It is hosted by the University of Idaho (UI).

Per the ISI web site, Independent Study in Idaho (ISI) was created in 1973 by the Idaho State Board of Education as a cooperative of four accredited Idaho institutions:

  • Boise State University (BSU)
  • Idaho State University (ISU)
  • Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC)
  • University of Idaho (UI)

ISI delivers college-level, distance-education courses in online and print-based formats. ISI courses parallel their on-campus counterparts in content and completion standards. Idaho residency is not required.

Learning is self-paced, i.e. asynchronous. Detail about ISI learning and courses may be found in the course catalog online.

The ISI main office is in Moscow, Idaho, US.

The Independent Study in Idaho web site is at (a University of Idaho web site)

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