Hungarian Accreditation Committee

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The Hungarian Accreditation Committee was established in the country's first higher education law in 1993. Its scope is to accredit higher education institutions, which it did in the first round that ended in 2000 by assessing all study programmes at the evaluated institution. The Hungarian Accreditation Committee has adopted a Code of Ethics in 2000 and a Strategic Plan in 2006.

Prior to launching its second cycle of institutional accreditation, the Hungarian Accreditation Committee had begun a pilot project where it evaluated all study programmes in the country in two disciplines, history and psychology, within a short time frame and with the same visiting teams. The disciplinary accreditation has been very positive, both in its reception and results, and has continued since then. It is foreseen to lead to a change in focus from institutional plus programme accreditation to separate procedures of institutional accreditation or audit and disciplinary accreditation.

In addition, the Hungarian Accreditation Committee evaluates applications to establish and grant state recognition to higher education institutions and faculties, on new study programmes, and on national education and outcome requirements as framework requirements for all degree programmes taught in Hungary. A new Higher Education Act came into effect in 2006. New Bachelor and Master programmes replace the traditional, single stream college or university programmes, and all require accreditation.

Another task of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee is to review applications by foreign higher education institutions to function in Hungary, either alone or in conjunction with a Hungarian institution.

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