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First College takes an independent college approach to studying, an excellent preparation for later qualifications, University, or (self) employment.

This virtual school is in fact an online high school - not a college. It is very much a family business - the founders created it to educate their own child, who is now also an online teacher at the school.

It is physically based in Newport, Wales.

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What is the mission statement of this accredited online high school?

First College states:

Throughout First College our approach is to apply generous amounts of kindness, patience, and detailed support on work done. Where necessary, these essentials are backed by strong guidance, especially on self discipline. We work in constant partnership with a family to ensure self discipline by the student increases to enable sharing, mutual respect, commitment to and completion of work projects.Our rules are few, and clearly explained. We like to encourage choice and independence but this has to be underpinned with clear-cut self-discipline boundaries.

History of this Online School

The founders began planning First College UK 10 years ago in 1999 when Shan Morgain, one of its Heads, qualified as a professional online educator. The main preparations were done in 2004 and 2005. They opened to their first students January 2006.

Does this online school offer fully accredited IGCEs or GCSEs?

Their students prepare for the Edexcel IGCSE O Level Exams, which can be sat in the ordinary way at a variety of international and UK locations.

How many students does this online high school currently teach?

Approx 25 students.

Cost per year to attend this virtual school?

Fees average £165 per calendar month - approx £38 per week

The full fees are £1,980 a year if paid in 10 installments or £1,880 for a whole year paid up front.

Fees for two children over a year are £1,980 for the first child, plus £1,500 for the second child. Total £3,460.

6 subjects per year are covered.

Other useful information about this distance learning school?

  • LIVE CLASSES UK time 9.30am - 2pm
  • MON - THURS (09.30 - 14.00 GMT)
  • Ages 10 - 17
  • First College students live in the UK, in Europe and Asia.
  • Small class groups 5 - 15 students.

Its web site is

> Wales
> Europe
> Virtual schools