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The European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) disseminates information, experiences and good practices in the field of quality assurance (QA) in higher education to European Quality Assurance Agencies, public authorities and higher education institutions (universities, polytechnics, etc).

Its web site is at http://www.enqa.eu/.

Full Members


  1. AAC - Austrian Accreditation Council, Vienna
  2. AQA - Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance, Vienna
  3. FHR - Fachhochschulrat, Vienna


  1. EUA - European University Association, Brussels
  2. VLHORA - Council of Flemish Institutions of Higher Education, Brussels
  3. VLIR - Flemish Interuniversity Council, Brussels


  • CEEA - Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation, Nicosia

Czech Republic

  • Accreditation Commission of the Government of the Czech Republic/Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Prague 1


  • EVA - Danish Evaluation Institute, Copenhagen


  • Estonian Higher Education Accreditation Center, Tallinn


  • FINHEEC - Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council, Helsinki


  1. AERES - Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education, Paris
  2. CTI - Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur, Neuilly sur Seine


  1. ACQUIN - Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute, Bayreuth
  2. ASIIN - Accreditation Agency Specialised in Accrediting Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Duesseldorf
  3. EVALAG - Stiftung Evaluationsagentur Baden-Wuerttemberg, Mannheim
  4. FIBAA - Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation, Bonn
  5. GAC - German Accreditation Council, Bonn ZEvA - Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Hannover, Hannover


  • HAC - Hungarian Accreditation Committee, Budapest


  1. HEA - Higher Education Authority, Dublin 4
  2. HETAC - Higher Education and Training Awards Council, Dublin 2
  3. NQAI - National Qualifications Authority of Ireland, Dublin 1


  1. CNVSU - Comitato Nazionale per la Valutazione del Sistema Universitario, Rome Latvia
  2. HEQEC - Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre, Riga


  1. Inspectorate of Higher Education in the Netherlands, Utrecht
  2. NQA - Netherlands Quality Agency, Utrecht
  3. NVAO - Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders, The Hague
  4. QANU - Quality Assurance Netherlands Universities, Utrecht



  • Accreditation Commission of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava


  1. AGAE - Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Research of Andalusia, Córdoba
  2. ANECA - National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain, Madrid
  3. AQU - Agency for Quality Assurance in the Catalan University System, Barcelona


  1. NAHE - Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, Stockholm


  1. OAQ - Center for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Swiss Universities, Bern


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