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Euclid University (Pôle d'Extension Universitaire Euclide, EUCLID) is an intergovernmental university established by multilateral Memorandum of Understanding in 2008 (building on institutional agreements signed in 2005 and 2006). EUCLID has the status of an intergovernmental organization under international law. Its primary mission is twofold: to train government staff and groups of special interest for participating states; and to offer high-quality online/distance degree programs to the general public.

EUCLID mission

Is to deliver best-of-class distance education and consulting services to our Participating States’ officials as well as as to our general public students.

They offer several programmes exclusive online such us: Diplomacy and international affairs, sustainable development, business development and religious studies among others. In order to help the students in distance studies, are available many resources like: Lectures on VHS/DVD/mp3s, or the classic textbook-based mentor-directed self-studies, also offer electronic textbooks accessed on the SafariX Textbooks online,a joint venture between the industry's leading technical publishers, O'Reilly Media, Inc., and The Pearson Technology Group. There are Webcast-podcasts developed by students and interns

EUCLID University was chartered and accredited in May 2008 as a freestanding intergovernmental institution and as a separate member of the Euclid University Consortium. As of June 2008, it is considered a chartered, degree-granting institution.

Participating member states as of 2008 include: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; the Republic of Sierra Leone, the State of Eritrea, and the Repblic of Uganda.

The EUCLID web site is at

More details

EUCLID also functions as a global think-tank on topics related to Sustainable Development.

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