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eLukio in Finland

eLukio (virtual upper secondary school) in Finland is a consortium of upper secondary schools. The consortium is a network organization of 22 independent municipalities and their schools. The consortium also works together with several vocational municipality federations.

General target of eLukio is to carry out principles of lifelong learning, regional accessibility of training and equality. Training is carried out with the help of modern ICT techniques and by building a learning environment that supports especially adult and distance education. With these actions the upper secondary education is possible to carry out via multi-form education.

eLukio organization

eLukio is a well-organized training organization, that has the following players: a management group, planning groups, coordinator, IT support, subject leaders and teachers.

Students and studies

Anyone who has performed basic education or comparable syllabus can become an eLukio student. In eLukio a student can take single courses or subjects or perform the whole upper secondary school syllabus. Amongst other subjects eLukio has a wide selection of languages: English, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italy and Japanese.

The course contents are found from eLearning platform (Moodle) and studies can be taken virtually. Examinations however are mainly taken in one of the network┬┤s schools.

Studying is multi-formed in a way that makes is as easy as possible for the student to study from distance. There are no strings to certain study hours or day; instead each student can build up a best suited personal study rhythm. Each course requires approximately 40 hours of work. A course can contain lessons via eBeam program or Adobe Connect net meeting, group activities, exercises and independent work. Different working methods and learning styles of course makes it possible to build up personal study plans and that way study times can also vary. Students can follow their personal results and credits from Wilma.