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The Dutch LAC is the sub-supraregion of the French/Dutch LAC comprising those nations in Central America , South America and the Caribbean which are former Dutch colonies, and now are"special municipalities" of the Netherlands or autonomous countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It consists of Suriname (in South America) and the former territories of the Netherlands Antilles. (We use the phrase "Netherlands Antilles" to refer to the former country to which all of those (including Aruba) used to belong - which was finally dissolved in October 2010.)


  1. Aruba - a country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, until 1986 in the Netherlands Antilles
  2. the constituent parts of the former Netherlands Antilles until October 2010:

On the mainland - of South America

  1. Suriname - a Dutch-speaking sovereign state


In the Dutch-speaking Caribbean, both private and public schools are subsidised by the government provided that they comply with the legal requirements for establishing schools.

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