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Darmstadt is a City located at 49° 52' 22" N, 8° 39' 4" E. It is located in the Region Hesse.

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Darmstadt is a city in the Bundesland (federal state) of Hesse in Germany, located in the southern part of the Rhine-Main-Area (Frankfurt Metropolitan Region). Darmstadt has a population of 147,927] (2013). The Darmstadt Larger Urban Zone has 430,993 inhabitants.

Darmstadt holds the official title "Wissenschaftsstadt" (City of Science) as it is a major centre of scientific institutions, universities and high technology companies. The European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) is located in Darmstadt as well as GSI Centre for Heavy Ion Research, where the chemical element Darmstadtium (atomic number 110) was discovered.

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Has coordinates49° 52' 22" N, 8° 39' 4" ELatitude: 49.8728253
Longitude: 8.6511929
Has location typeCity +
Has population147,927 +
Located inHesse +