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From the UNI-QM report on the web:

Danube University Krems is already the largest provider of postgraduate continuing education in Austria. Danube University Krems has specialized in postgraduate academic studies and offers exclusive courses in several fields such as economics and management, IT and media, medicine and health, law, building and ecology, etc...

Being a European model project, Danube University Krems combines high quality in education, research and consulting with customer orientation and high quality student services. More than 4,500 students from 60 countries are enrolled in over 200 academic courses. More than 75% of the university budget is from third party. Therefore Danube University Krems has a strong entreperneurial focus and structure. 25% of the funding is comming from the goverment. The majority of the students of Danube University Krems have a university degree.

The organisation is based on departments and centres. The departments and centres of Danube University Krems cooperate across the perimeters of the individual subjects. The university is committed to international aspects and to cultural diversity along the lines of education and research. The university has 402 employees, 167 scientific staff and 235 in administration. Recently 21 professors work at the Danube University. More than 1,000 internationally renowned external lecturers not only assure a high quality in education, but also the consistent exchange with the scientific community and international enterprises. Danube University Krems cooperates with 50 universities worldwide.

The Danube University Krems web site is (English version) at http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/en/index.php

There is a case study at the UNI-QM web site or just click on https://polimedia.upv.es/visor/?id=6141c886-89c8-4947-b1ef-c00e6594fd1b

For an example of a distance learning course see http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/en/studium/fernstudiumpublicrelations/index.php

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