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Type of outcome/product/results: Event (public)

Delivery date: June 2012 and December 2013

Nature: Event

Language versions: English

Target languages:

We will organise 2 major virtual conference events, one in calendar 2012 and the other in 2013/14. The lead time for virtual conferences is sufficiently short that we cannot specify yet exactly when they will take place - opportunities will be analysed and decisions will be made much nearer the time - for 2013/14 it will not be clear even at project start.

The technology for virtual events is now robust enough and the procedures well established enough that we can be confident that this will be a useful route, especially to reach to the more far-away parts of Europe and beyond Europe.

As for the physical pre-conference events, the first event will have more of a focus to practitioners and university/school leaders/managers, the second more to policy-makers at regional, national or European level.

If there is a relevant virtual event organised under EU auspices during the project lifetime, that would be of particular interest.