D4.1 Overview of European and International policies relevant for the uptake of OER

From POERUP - Policies for OER Uptake
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Type of outcome/product/results: Report (public) Delivery date: September 2013

Nature: Report

Language versions:English

Target languages: Executive Summary in English, Italian, Hungarian, French, and Dutch

Based on the input of the inventory and the country reports (including mini-reports), and taking account of the (few) national policy-oriented papers already produced on OER, SCIENTER will create an overview of all existing relevant policies (with specific focus on partner institutions' countries) that aim (directly or indirectly) to foster (or at least not inhibit) the update of OER. This will include copyright law, quality standards in education, funding models, etc.

Countries' current policies will be categorised, compared and contrasted with others in EU and beyond. The analytic framework proposed by KERIS is likely to be a good starting point for our framework - see http://www.slideshare.net/OCWConsortium/analysis-of-the-contextual-factors-for-developing-national-oer-policy