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D3.2 Recommendations


Type of outcome: Report Online (public)

Delivery date: July 2013

Nature: Report; Service/Product

Language versions: English

Target languages: National Language of each case-study origin

This online Deliverable has RdMC-OUNL as lead author, with help from other partners. The recommendations (input to WP 4) will be more than the regular "tips and tricks" found elsewhere - instead, they will be based on strong research results gathered through the Social Network Analysis conducted within the 7 case-studies (6 from EU partners, 1 from Athabasca).

The recommendations will cover the following aspects:

  • roles and competences for community members
  • the dynamics and structure of the community
  • norms and values within a community
  • critical organisational factors
  • quality issues
  • technological solutions
  • policy issues.

Drafts of the Deliverable will be discussed with relevant stakeholders and the local coordinators of the initiatives, as well as with the International Advisory Committee.

The recommendations will be written for policy advisors, stakeholders and managers of OER initiatives, for general use in all educational sectors - with a chapter on each sector of relevance.


Executive Summary

This study is conducted within the frame of the POERUP project, funded by the lifelong learning program of the European Commission (POERUP, 2013). The POERUP project aims to enable the development of policies to stimulate the uptake of open educational practices. Within the POERUP project, partners from the Open University of the Netherlands, Sero Consulting, the University of Leicester and the University of Athabasca collaborated to gather all the data with help from the OEP under investigation. The study resulted in this list of recommendations on how to power up and sustain the networks behind the production of open educational resources.

The recommendations are grouped under three headings:

  • Organisational models of (Inter)national open educational practices
  • Support
  • Quality and time

Full report

This is available in three language versions:

  1. English - see File:POERUP D3.2 How to power-up and sustain networks behind the production of Open Educational Practices Recommendations.pdf
  2. French - see File:POERUP D3.2.2b Recommandations pour la mise en place et l’animation de réseaux de pratiques éducatives ouvertes.pdf
  3. Dutch - see File:POERUP D3.2.2d Hoe open onderwijspraktijk netwerken aan te drijven en duurzaam te ondersteunen - Aanbevelingen.pdf