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Colorado Technical University (Colorado Tech, CTU Online, CTU Virtual Campus) supports purely online degree education, via its CTU Online system.

Its goal is to provide lifelong educational solutions to keep learners "current" in the knowledge required to advance professionally along their chosen career paths.

CTU's degree programmes focus on technology, management and engineering.

As Wikipedia notes (access date: Aug 26 2009), Colorado Technical University (CTU) is a system of private for-profit colleges in the United States, providing college degrees and career training in a variety of areas. CTU grants bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

Founded in 1965, the system has more than 38,000 students.

It appears that most courses are available online, though may be taken face-to-face as well.

Colorado Tech's main office is in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US. Other campuses are in Denver, Kansas City, Pueblo and Sioux Falls.

The Colorado Technical University web site is at

The CTU Online web site is at

More details

Colorado Technical College was established in 1965 to train ex-military personnel in technical subjects such as television and radio repair. The schools are owned by the Career Education Corporation, a postsecondary education provider with campus-based and online curricula.

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