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This is the category for all national initiatives.

It refers to an initiative taken by a ministry or national agency in a country to set up a programme focussed on e-learning in tertiary-level institutions (universities and similar institutions - not schools).

Note that "national" may refer to an autonomous or semi-autonomous part of a country, e.g. Scotland or Catalonia - or even to one of the states or provinces in federal countries such as Australia, Canada, China, India or the US.

If the initiative involves more than one country but not many then it is not classified as a national initiative but as a multinational initiative.

If the initiative involves a supranational political grouping or range of countries in a region than it is called an international initiative.

Very often the national initiative will set up a consortium or generate a newly created institution of a unique nature in the nation involved. This leads to some overlap of the UNESCO classifications.

Note on collating sequence

Unusually for this wiki, National initiatives are indexed under the name of the country followed by the name of the initiative, thus under "Japan NIME", not under "NIME". This groups together all national initiatives from each nation.

Where necessary for visual purposes, "subhead pages" of the form "Country..." are used.