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This is the category for entities in Countries with OER policies.

Countries that have an OER policy include China, South Africa, Indonesia and the Bahamas.

Policies Survey notes:

The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China has a policy on OER, and China has developed several governmental OER action plans involving Chinese universities, such as the Video Open Courseware Project and the Open Digital Learning Resources for Continuing Education Project.
In South Africa, the Department of Higher Education and Training has included the development of an ODL policy framework in its strategic plan for 2010–2014, which will include OER. In addition, there is also a policy decision, through the process of the Integrated StrategicPlanning Framework for Teacher Education Development, that all educational resources developed through funded projects have to be released under a CC licence.
Indonesia has committed to OER as part of its strategy of serving the educational needs of a population of nearly 250 million spread over 17,000 islands and three time zones. At the regulatory level there is a Ministerial Regulation on OER, whilst at the operational level, the Indonesian Higher Education Network (INHERENT) was established in 2007 for resource-sharing in education and research, in which alldevelopment of resources will be based on open source and open access principles. There is also a national repository for publications.
Likewise, the Bahamas’ ICT in Education Strategy makes provision for the inclusion of OER.
In Latin America, Colombia notes that the Ministry of Education has prepared a document with national and institutional guidelines to promote and strengthen the production and management of OER.
Uruguay’s Plan CEIBAL (Conectividad Educativa de Informática Básica para el Aprendizaje en Línea) (Educational Connectivity of Basic Informatics for Online Learning) includes development and use of OER to support classroom activities and independent learning.

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