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Cantabria is a Spanish historical region and autonomous community . It is bordered on the east by the Basque Country (province of Biscay), on the south by Castile-León (provinces of León, Palencia and Burgos), on the west by the Principality of Asturias, and on the north by the Cantabrian Sea.

Cantabria belongs to Green Spain, the name given to the strip of land between the Cantabrian Sea and the Cantabrian Mountains, so called because of its particularly lush vegetation, due to the wet and moderate oceanic climate. The climate is strongly influenced by Atlantic Ocean winds trapped by the mountains; the average precipitation is about 1,200 mm (47 inches).

The modern Province of Cantabria was constituted on 28 July 1778. The Organic Law of the Autonomy Statute of Cantabria was approved on 30 December 1981, giving the region its own institutions of self government.

It has Santander as its capital city.

Its population is around 590,000.

For further details see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantabria

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