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California Virtual University

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The California Virtual University (CVU) was the predecessor to today's California Virtual Campus in California, US. It was launched in Fall 1997 as a with 700 courses, with funding from the The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. California-based Cisco Systems, Thomson Publishing, Oracle, Pacific Bell, and Sun Microsystems provided the CVU's web site and course catalogue search engine.

CVU was essentially a portal to the online courses offered state-wide, by institutions from all segments of higher education in the State of California (i.e. the University of California, the California State University, the California Community Colleges, and the independent colleges and universities of California). In 1999 -- with 112 accredited public and private institutions were offering more than 2,000 online courses through CVU -- CVU was unable to secure the necessary funding to continue as an independent project.

The CVU web site was at, but is long defunct. See for CVU's modern-day day descendant, the California Virtual Campus.

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