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Briteschool appears to be unique in the UK in offering live Primary support (from age 9 onwards, sometimes from age 8). It falls within the scope of VISCED as it offers both Primary and Secondary education for home-schooled and expatriate students. Teachers offer live virtual lessons and tuition in Maths, English, Sciences, French, Spanish, History and Geography. The IT / Computing ECDL, Digital Photography and / or Art courses are free options to all enrolled students, along with extracurricular Activities Week at the end of each Autumn Term. The school also provides Common Entrance preparatory exam classes for two hours per week for children wishing to progress to independent private secondary schools. A limited range of A-levels are available from September 2011.

Teachers use a combination of microphone, text chat, a whiteboard, presentation software and weblinks to deliver the lessons. Most lessons are recorded and saved at the end of the lesson and reused later. There is an archive to catch up on lessons missed. Class sizes are limited to 13 students per Secondary class, ten in Primary, but one-to-one tutoring is also available. There are 10 teachers (5 each for Primary and Secondary) and all of these and the support staff are fully qualified.

Secondary education costs £2,495 (excluding VAT) per year for the IGCSE level. Primary costs £999 (excluding VAT) for Homeschool Support for the full year, 3 x 2-hour sessions per week. £8 (excluding VAT) / hour for one subject in a class for Maths or English only, 2 x 1 hour sessions per week. Optional French and / or Spanish are offered for £5.50 (excluding VAT) / hour (2 hours per week, Thursday and / or Friday mornings) if there are places available. Individual Private Tuition: £25to £30 / hour

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