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Bridge21 is a joint venture of Trinity College Dublin and Suas Educational Development, and it is a virtual school iniative offering a new model of learning that can be adapted for use in Irish secondary schools.

Bridge21's vision is that 'All young people have the opportunity to raise their educational aspirations and fully reach their potential'. The mission is 'To develop and champion an innovative team based educational model for 21st Century learning through research, advocacy and building exemplars in collaboration with key partners in Irish education'.

The Bridge21's main office is in Dublin, Ireland.

It is designed to support an innovative 21st Century learning environment within schools, they have developed a learning model for second level education that is:

  • Team-based
  • Technology mediated
  • Project based
  • Cross- curricular

Bridge21 has three core strands:

  • A schools programme to scale and adapt our learning model for use in Irish secondary schools nationwide.
  • The Bridge2College outreach programme, based in Oriel House – a team-based experience for young people to explore learning through technology.
  • A learning and research centre in Oriel House, Trinity College Dublin, to innovate, evaluate and refine 21st century learning methodologies.

The Bridge21web site is at

> Ireland

> Europe

> Virtual schools