Assessing How to Capitalise on the Reuse of Open Educational Resources

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Full title

CAPITAL Action Research: Educational Innovation. Assessing How to Capitalise on the Reuse of Open Educational Resources: Final Report

Page length: 37 pages.

Date: 2009.


  1. Tina Wilson, The Open University
  2. Patrick McAndrew, The Open University


UK Higher Education funding bodies are keen to promote the reuse of higher education material between institutions. Open Educational Resources (OER) offer the opportunity for Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to readily adopt and share educational content. This report discusses the findings from a small scale action research project („How five Higher Education Institutions worldwide plan to use/adapt OER provided within OpenLearn’). The project has enabled a small group of academics at HEIs to consider how they might use, adapt and incorporate OER from another institution (Open University material from OpenLearn) within their own teaching practice. The findings feed into the overarching CAPITAL project, which is funded by Becta. This strand of the CAPITAL project is focusing on OER in the HE sector as an area of educational innovation.


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