Alabama ACCESS Distance Learning

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Alabama ACCESS Distance Learning is a US state virtual school, many of whose classes are delivered on site, founded in 2005.

It had 31,100 course enrollments in 2009-10, the third highest in the country; this represents an 11% increase since 2008-09.

ACCESS expands traditional schools' course offerings, providing supplemental online courses to be delivered from local classrooms (supported remotely by ACCESS "e-teachers"). Web-based asynchronous, live videoconferencing, and blended courses (drawing on both modes) are available.

The school's goal is to to improve student achievement through distance learning; and to create equity through additional educational offerings for all Alabama public high school students. ACCESS offers Advanced Placement, core, dual enrollment, and elective courses to students in all areas of the state. Content is provided at the middle and high schools levels.

The Alabama ACCESS Distance Learning web site is at

More Details

Alabama was the second US state to create an online learning graduation requirement; essentially all online education activity is through ACCESS.

It is the responsibility of the local school/school system to provide students with computers, Internet connection, software and textbooks.


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