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ÉLOGOS supports e-learning

ÉLOGOS's main office is in Sevilla, Spain. Other locations are spread across Spain and 3 locations are located in Brazil, Chile) and Mexico.

It has over 300 employees and more than 100,000 alumnos. According to the MegaTrends data about this initiative:

  • it is in active in e-learning since 2000 and is categorised as a private provider, a corporate training provider
  • it offers training and e-learning consultancy, training outsourcing and the development of e-learning courses, technical know-how andsolutions, a virtual learning platform (educalogos), instructional design services and a

considerable variety of online courses.

  • it has more than 250 employees and reports to have 605 online courses and 22700 course enrolments.

The ÉLOGOS web site is at http://www.elogos.es

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